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Photo Tips
  • All photos must be a minimum of 230 dpi to print clearly on photo cards.

  • When e-mailing your picture(s) to place an order, do not compress the photo to make the file size smaller. Please send it in it's original file size.

  • If you plan on using a professional picture for your card, you MUST get permission from the photographer/studio to use that photo. If you submit a professional photo for use in one of our cards, you are certifying that you have obtained the necessary rights from the photographer/studio for it's use.

  • Photos with space around the subject work best to incorporate into the card designs.

  • Subjects tend to look best if in solid color clothing. Bright stripes and patterns can sometimes distract from the overall look and feel of the photo card.

  • Solid backgrounds or backgrounds without clutter also tend to work best because it puts the focus of the picture on the subject, not the background. In some cases, the background can be removed and changed to a solid color, but it all depends on the subject in the photo.

  • Natural lighting will produce the best results when taking pictures. Try taking pictures during the day in a room with good sunlight. Pictures taken without a flash will produce a more natural result.

  • Park Thomas Design can touch up photos to make them look their best. Common services are red eye removal, conversion to black & white, and editing contrast, brightness and color. Please note that we can not make a blurry or grainy picture clear so it's important that all photos submitted for cards are clear and in focus.


If you have any specific questions about your photo(s) and how they will work with one of the designs, please contact us at

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