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    All designs displayed on this site is copyrighted and owned by Park Thomas Design. Recreation of any design on this site is not allowed.

    If you plan on using a professional picture for your card, you MUST get permission from the photographer/studio to use that photo. If you submit a professional photo for use in one of our cards, you are certifying that you have obtained the necessary rights from the photographer/studio for it's use.

    If an error is made on my part, I will reprint & ship the item at no charge to you. If an error is discovered after the final proof has been OK'ed by the you, the customer (spelling, dates, phone numbers, etc.), I will reprint the order for you at cost. Park Thomas Design is not responsible for errors in print jobs that were signed off on by the customer.

    All testimonials and photographs used on are only used with the permission of the owner/client of the messages and/or pictures.

    As of April 1, 2007 payment for orders must be received before the final print files will be e-mailed or before your order will be printed.
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